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Time Bound Programme Manual for Action Planning (TBP MAP)

The TBP Manual for Action Planning (TBP MAP) constitutes a synthesis of experience gained by IPEC thus far in assisting member States in TBP development and implementation. It consists of a number of guidelines and tools designed to assist current and future TBP participating countries to mobilize human and financial resources and to plan and develop multi-sectoral interventions to address the problem of child labour. The TBP MAP consists of 5 hard-copy Guidebooks and a collection of individual electronic-copy Papers contained on an enclosed CD.  They, in sum, cover the various stages of programme design and implementation, such as data collection and analysis, awareness raising, stakeholder consultations and social mobilization, resource mobilization, target setting, policy options and strategies for different sectors and areas of interventions, and programme management, including monitoring and evaluation.

Working closely with IPEC, LiD collaborated in writing one of the Guidebooks, accumulating and editing of the various elements of the MAP and the creation of the CD-ROM.  The TBP MAP appears at the IPEC Web site (see link to the right).

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