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Parliamentarians' Guide to the Worst Forms of Child Labour

This Handbook was produced in collaboration with the Inter-Parliamentarian Union and the International Labour Organization.  Designed as a practical guide, it can be used as a tool for parliamentarians' inolvement in combatting the worst forms of child labour.  The Guide is available in English, French, and Spanish.  Link to ILO IPEC, Link to ILO Publications, Link to Interparliamentarians Union.

About the Handbook, by the Interparliamentarians' Union: "This handbook offers an educational approach to this complex subject and to Convention N° 182, the cornerstone of international action to combat the worst forms of child labour. It provides examples of best practices and gives an overview of what parliamentarians can do to help eradicate the various forms of abuse to which child workers are exposed. It also proposes model instruments and reference material as aids designed to facilitate the work of legislators."

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