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Courses: International Labour Standards, Productivity, and Enterprise Development

The important changes in the world economy caused by globalisation, liberalisation and increased competition have brought to the forefront the question of the economic impact of international labour standards.This course is thus an innovative activity aimed at satisfying this need by providing conceptual frame and practical insights into the positive linkages and mutually supportive relations between good labour practices, as set out in ILS, and entrepreneurship and enterprise development based on productivity growth.

The course provides in depth knowledge of the structure, functions and content of ILS, as a system, highlighting those which are of special interest for productivity and human resources management at the enterprise and higher level.

The course is conducted at the International Training Center of the ILO, Turin, Italy. D. Tajgman of LiD has prepared the first five (1998-2003) presentations of the course in collaboration with the Enterprise Department of the ILO and other technical departments.

The main components of the course include:

  • Background on productivity;
  • Background of enterprise development and employment creation;
  • Background on international labour standards; and
  • Treatment of specific subjects covered by ILS. In 1998, the specific subjects covered by ILS identified by ENT/MAN were working time, occupational safety and health, social protection, and collective bargaining.
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