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Fields of work

This folder contains examples of various fields of work LiD is engaged in.
Training Materials, Activities & Guides
LiD has been collaborating in developing courses of training, training materials and guides, all somehow related to labour standards, but in quite diverse ways. LiD's involvement has run a broad gamut from actual teaching to technical document processing into, for example, multimedia formats. In all cases, LiD strives to develop appropriate pedogogical approaches with the client, moving to do more than "write the book" on substance.
Fundamental Principles & Rights
In 1998, the international community decided that certain principles should be recognized as "fundamental" principles and rights at the work place. The debate that preceded the conclusion took place in many fora over many years, roughly starting in the years after the fall of communism in 1989. These principles and rights, concerning freedom of association and the right to collectively bargain, equality, and freedom from forced and child labour, have been the subjects of a range of LiD projects and collaborations.
Evaluations and assessments
LiD has been called on to assess development projects dealing with working conditions, democratization, and social democracy. LiD has also been called on to assess the implementation of internationally recognized labour standards in the context of international trade relations.
Labour Law & Policy
LiD has collaborated on a variety of activities that fall broadly into a category called "labour law and policies". The variety is attributable largely to a recognized strength in working "downstream" from established, internationally recognized labour standards; the variety of matters covered by international labour standards gives the basis for the variety of activities within this category.
Other Principles & Rights
LiD has collaborated on a variety of activities dealing with principles and rights at work that have not been categorized as "fundamental".
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